AS „Balticovo” launches export to the USA

AS „Balticovo” launches export to the USA

AS „Balticovo” launches export to the USA

The largest producer of eggs and egg products in the Northern Europe region – AS „Balticovo“ – has launched exports of hen eggs to the USA.  Considering the crisis in poultry farming „Balticovo“ is among the first  European egg producers that has started exports of its products to North America. Besides Europe the company exports products also to Japan, Afghanistan, and Angola.

No more than 20% of the eggs produced at „Balticovo“ shall be exported to the USA, since the priority market is that of the Baltic States.

„Each and every case when Latvian companies have found a way to export their products to new foreign markets is a success. In the role of the Minister of Agriculture I am particularly happy that one of the largest food industry companies in Latvia – AS „Balticovo“ – has found a new market (the USA) for the sales of its products. This is just another evidence that Latvian food industry enterprises produce safe, qualitative, and competitive food products,“ Jānis Dūklavs, Minister of Agriculture.

 „We have started business on a new, complex, far, and an unknown market until now, which has been closed for all European egg producers for more than ten years, since it was self-sufficient leading egg exporter. The need for egg import by the USA was triggered by an unprecedented crisis in poultry farming due to mass affection of the laying hens by avian flu.  With the egg export to the USA we are not only expanding our exports markets beyond Europe, but are also accumulating new experience and knowledge,“ Andris Platais, chairman of the board at the enterprise. „In order to launch the export to the USA, governmental authorities of both countries had to communicate various laws and requirements, since the rules on the production and trade of eggs in the USA is very different from that in the European Union. We highly appreciate the speedy performance in the communication of laws and regulations with the US governmental bodies by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Service, and the US Embassy in Latvia.“

in the USA „Balticovo“ cooperates with one of the largest egg producers worldwide, which supplies well-known global brands with raw materials made form egg products. Eggs exported by „Balticovo“ will be used for the production of industrial food items such as mayonnaise, dressings, culinary, and confectionery goods. At present „Balticove“ has received regular assignments for the next 12 months. Eggs are shipped with refrigerated ship containers. It takes approximately three weeks for the products from Iecava to reach the US midlands. The first ship with „Balticovo“ egg containers to the USA sett of on the 17 July.

In April this year the North America poultry farming was heavily affected by an avian flu epidemic. Due to this more than 48 millions laying hens and turkeys or up to 70% of the total laying hen herds in the affected regions were liquidated. According to experts the avian flu epidemic might have spread with the migrating birds on the annual route from South America to North America. The US midlands – the states of Iowa and Minnesota – were hit the hardest. The crisis caused an unprecedented drop in the egg production capacity, egg deficiency, and price increase of eggs.

The US egg market was self-sufficient until now and was able to meet not only the high domestic demand, but also significant exports. The USA is the second largest egg producer next to China.


About AS „Balticovo“

AS „Balticovo” is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the production of eggs and egg products. The company is focussed on domestic and international markets with exports up to 70% of its produced volumes. The quality control of products at the plant is under permanent and strict veterinary supervision. The baseline enterprise, i.e. the poultry plant „Iecava“ was founded in 1972, SIA „Balticovo“ – in 1993. With 95% of shares it is owned by „BCO“, which in turn is owned by citizens of Latvia. Among Northern Europe countries the joint stock company „Balticovo“ is atpresent the market leader with a share of 40% in the production of eggs and egg products. Reorganisation of the company was started in 2004. The number of employees in 2015 – 208 employees. AS „Balticovo“ has been awarded with ISO 9001, ISO 22 000, BRC, and IFS quality certificates. Administration of the company is performed according to ISO 31 000. In 2010 the brand „Balticovo“ finished on the second place among „The most loved food brands“, and was recognized as the most efficient producer of agriculture products in the Baltic States, and the second company with the highest export capacity in Latvia. AS „Balticovo” is located in Latvia, Iecava parish.


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