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The "SIX PACK" product was created by students

This limited edition SIX PACK has been created as part of the @Demola Latvija program, where student teams research and develop solutions to problem situations defined by companies and organizations.

In 2021, students were offered the project "Eggcellent idea" with @ Balticovo, the main task of which was to create a new egg product or prepare/present ideas for eggs or egg products with commercial potential and the main target audience - young people. The idea is to create a healthy and trendy snack/meal and/or egg delivery or preparation.

Participation in the program is a valuable opportunity for companies to position themselves in the eyes of future specialists as a good and innovation-oriented employer. It is also an opportunity to make contacts with motivated and talented students and possibly continue working with them after the end of the program.

The six-pack contains 6 pieces of hen eggs laid in a barn and this product can be purchased in limited quantities in the  TOP retail chain throughout Latvia.