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“Balticovo” commissions for use, the most modern wastewater treatment plants in Latvia

By continuing its investments in ever new technologies and development, “Balticovo” commissions for use, biological wastewater treatment plants. They are the first industrial wastewater treatment plants in Latvia that use such modern technologies – wastewater from the production and processing of eggs and egg products after treatment is released into nature cleaner than the water in lakes and rivers.  

The opening event was attended by the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, and by the representatives of the Ministry of Economics, the Rural Support Service, the State Environmental Service, the Latvian Egg and Poultry Producers Association and Iecava District Council. The guests of the event had the opportunity to see the wastewater treatment plant devices in action, as well as to learn their principles of operation.

The Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development revealed that the expectations of consumers towards the providers of goods and services have increased, as the consumers require the implementation of responsible activities that take environmental needs into account. The necessity of pure nature is growing, but this goal cannot be achieved without those who drive the changes. The Minister of Agriculture expressed an opinion that the new treatment plants bring common benefit to society and its well-being, and that at this event one can witness truly serious work and another step in the development of a company, that invests significantly in order for its production to meet the highest standards.

Also, the high energy efficiency of the treatment plant can be assessed positively, which allows one to significantly reduce the consumption of power resources and auxiliary materials. The new wastewater treatment plants are capable of treating 750 m3 of water per day with a load equivalent to 20 000 people. These industrial wastewater treatment plants are currently the most modern in Latvia.

The management of the new wastewater treatment plants is fully automated and computerised, which ensures that untreated wastewater is not released into the environment in the event of an emergency.

For additional safety a microfiltration device is installed in the outlet, which is the only device of its kind in Latvia that prevents even the finest suspended solids from entering the environment. The sludge separated from water after treatment ends up in the biogas plant, but sand is transferred to the waste manager.

Chairman of JSC “Balticovo” Council Valdis Grimze reveals: “It is the buyers in Latvia, in the Baltics and elsewhere in Europe, who consume our products and thus support each of our sustainable initiatives with their choices.” Communications and Development Director of JSC “Balticovo” Toms Auškāps emphasises that “this is one of the very few investments that does not bring direct profits, but without investing in such technologies companies will simply not be able to exist in the very near future”.

The project was implemented in a very short period of time – within 12 months its total costs reached almost 2 million euros. The general contractor of the project is the Slovak company “Hydrotech” and the project is co-financed by the Rural Support Service.