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On Wednesday, September 27, a self-consumption solar panel park was officially opened on the territory of JSC "Balticovo" company in Iecava, in the construction of which almost two million euros were invested.

The solar panel park, the total capacity of which will be 2.3 MW, is one of the largest self-consumption solar energy parks in Latvia. It was created in cooperation with one of the leading electrical wholesale companies in Latvia, SIA "Baltijas Elektro Saibedrija".

The opening of the solar panel park was attended by Vladimirs Mhitaryans, chairman of the board of "Balticovo", member of the board of "Balticovo", director of communication and development Toms Auškāps, minister of climate and energy Kaspars Melnis, chairman of Bauska council Aivars Okmanis, board members of AS "Sadales tīkls" chairman Sandis Jansons and other guests.

The energy resource crisis that Europe and Latvia experienced last year forced the search for new solutions so that the company would be less dependent on electricity price fluctuations. The production of electricity from solar panels is a very suitable solution for the poultry industry. The largest electricity consumption is in the summer, when it is necessary to additionally cool the solar-heated chicken coops. That's when the solar panels produce most of the electricity. This is one of the largest self-consumption solar panel parks in Latvia, and we are pleased that we managed to successfully implement this project in a relatively short time," says the company manager.

He also pointed out that this is the first stage of the construction of solar panels, as "Balticovo" has planned to expand the park.

"Thanks to the courage and initiative of domestic entrepreneurs, significant steps are being taken towards a greener future and strengthening of our country's energy independence. Currently, there are 610 solar parks in Latvia with an installed capacity of 120 MW, and today the long-awaited solar energy park in Bauska district is joining it, where the produced "green electricity" will be a valuable contribution to the total balance of renewable electricity resources in Latvia. By continuing to expand the infrastructure of renewable energy resources, we will increasingly see a positive impact on the national economy in the long term and energy security, which will also benefit the population," said Minister of Climate and Energy Kaspars Melnis.

When you buy solar panels, you also pay for membership in the producer responsibility system, which guarantees proper management of the solar panels after their end of life. The electricity produced by the solar panels will help reduce the CO2 footprint of "Balticovo". It is also important that the introduction of solar panels will reduce the impact of energy resource and electricity price fluctuations on the company's operations.

Mhitaryan emphasized that the development of the solar panel park is part of a broader program in which the company is both modernizing equipment and production and finding ways to bring the principles of the circular economy to life in its daily work.

Along with the creation of a solar panel park, the company is also developing a biomethane and liquefied CO2 production plant, which not only reduces the CO2 footprint, but is an excellent example of the circular economy and the production of renewable energy resources on the Baltic scale. In previous years, the company has invested two million euros in the creation of wastewater treatment facilities and 10 million in the bird manure processing plant "Egg Energy".

"Strong Latvian companies that, along with local consumption, show high export performance results and at the same time think about innovation, efficiency and sustainability, are the driving force of the transformation and growth of the Latvian economy. I am proud that, along with commendable business results, we see a strong sustainability component in the operating strategy of "Balticovo", which has been implemented in an ambitious project," emphasized the Minister of Agriculture, Armands Krauze.

AS "Balticovo" is a unique company in its sector, which provides full-cycle production and, along with energy projects, also a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and green energy production, moreover, up to 70% of production "Balticovo" is exported.