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Balticovo wins the silver award in the Sustainability Index

The Balticovo team spent the last year seriously working on environmental problems, as well as seeking the best ways how to motivate, engage and simply make employees happier so that they are happy to come to work. However, the company’s greatest satisfaction stems from its progress in taking good care of its hens.

In recent years, demand has grown for free range hen’s eggs. Therefore, a poultry farm has been established in Madona District, where 20,000 birds can move freely and lay eggs. However, that’s not all. Balticovo has started and plans to expand its collaboration with farms that can supply free-range (category 1) and biological (category 0) hen’s eggs. This will guarantee income for local farmers and encourage people to live in the countryside. Parallel to this, hen houses are also being built for hens kept in barns (category 2). We are also continually seeking and finding ways to improve the well-being and health of our hens at our biggest poultry farm in Iecava. Here, air quality studies will be conducted, whose results will allow us to create an optimal environment for both our birds and employees, because nothing is more important to Balticovo than the health of our birds and employees.

There are major plans for the next year, but only time will tell if they are sufficient to rise higher in the Sustainability Index. These steps are not goals in themselves – Balticovo’s top priorities include happy and motivated employees, public satisfaction with the company’s work, a clean and healthy environment and the welfare of our hens in all conditions in which birds are reared. But, of course, it is nice to here that the Sustainability Index’s experts confirm that our team is not only on the right road, but is also moving in the right direction.

The Sustainability Index is an instrument that helps businesses to diagnose their level of sustainability and responsibility, and identify their biggest risks. This year, Latvia’s Sustainability Index turns ten years old. The CEO of the Institute for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility and organiser of the Sustainability Index Dace Helmane points out that, “Over the course of the past decade, not only the index itself has evolved, but so has the understanding of businesses about the principles of sustainability, which is underlined by high performance and the large number of platinum level participants. It is time to take the next step. Therefore, next year the experts will judge not only the processes and risk management mechanism, but also the actual impact of Latvian businesses on people, the environment and the economy.”