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Latvia will mark World Egg Day in most engaging way

Every year, the World Egg Day is marked on the second Friday of October, emphasising the brilliant versatility of the egg and its benefits to people at every stage of their life. This year, on October 8, the World Egg Day will be celebrated for the 25th time, and also in Latvia this festival will be marked in a most engaging way yet with activities for the whole family organized by JSC Balticovo.


The International Egg Commission this year has chosen care of the environment as this year’s theme, underscoring that the egg is the “nature’s ideal powerhouse”, marking the brilliant versatility of the egg and the many benefits available to people at any age and stage of life. The egg is one of the most nutrient-dense natural food sources on the planet and the power of this perfect package is unbeatable, improving brain function, supporting physical strength, aiding child growth.

The World Egg Day this year will also mark the fact that along with the many nutritional benefits, the egg is the most environmentally sustainable protein, according to the World Resources Institute protein scorecard. Thanks to new efficiencies and significant productivity gains, achieved in the past years in farms and egg supply chains, eggs have the lowest environmental footprint among animal protein sources and can be compared to plant-based protein products. Studies by the World Resources Institute and partners show that eggs belong to low-impact category in relation to greenhouse gas emissions per gram of protein – egg production has almost the same impact as production of soya beans, rice or nuts.


“As the Northern European leading egg and egg products manufacturer, we are especially concerned about ecological and environment issues. Therefore, we have introduced a number of environmentally-friendly solutions that we plan to develop in the coming years. In order to prevent food waste, we have expanded our range of products, making egg mass, pancake fix, egg fix for scrambled eggs and powdered eggs from substandard-sized eggs,” said Balticovo communication and development director Toms Auskaps.

Latvia previously marked the World Egg Day with different activities for the whole family in the so-called Latvia’s egg capital – Iecava. Last year the celebration expanded to Riga. Also, this year Balticovo urges residents and guests in Riga and Iecava to celebrate the nature’s small powerhouse – egg – with a special programme.


“Returning to the eternal question: what came first – chicken or egg – this year, when marking the World Egg Day, we wish to praise both. Therefore, we call on participants to get acquainted with more than 30 breeds of poultry on October 9, Esplanade Park, the exhibition of laying hens and eggs,” said Toms Auskaps.


Balticovo World Egg Day street food restaurant will return this year on October 8-9, offering fresh egg meals free of charge to residents and guests of Riga and Iecava.

Stops of the World Egg Day street food restaurant

Friday, October 8 

08:30 – 10:00 – VEF Culture Palace

10:30 – 12:00 – Crossing of Kalku and Valnu Streets

12:30 – 14:00 – University of Latvia Academic Centre

14:30 – 16:00 – Mukusala Business Centre

16:30 – 18:00 – Agenskalns Market

Saturday, October 9 

10:00 – 12:00 – Iecava (E.Virzas Street, parking lot next to the market square and Iecava bus station)

14:00 – 16:00 – Esplanade Park

The central event of this year is the exhibition of laying hens and eggs at Esplanade Park as a delight for visitors’ eyes on October 9, organized in cooperation with the Latvian small animals breeder association Trusis un Citi. The visitors will be able to watch 30 different breeds of poultry and their eggs. The exhibition will show also dwarf chicken, which is considered Latvia’s national treasure as it is one of the oldest Latvian breeds that has been mixed with other breeds of the past 80 years and has almost gone extinct. At present breeders are actively working on restoring this breed. In addition, visitors will be able to see Couronian goose, bronze and lavender-coloured turkey.

Information about the festival activities program and news in Latvia will be published on Balticovo social network:

About World Egg Day:

The World Egg Day tradition started out in Vienna in 1996, when a decision was made to celebrate the power of the egg on the second Friday of October every year. Since then, egg fans across the world have invented creative ways to honour this unbelievable nutrient powerhouse, celebrating egg music festivals, beating world records and organizing egg peeling and cooking competitions.