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The best packaging in Latvia 2023 - Balticovo "Free range eggs"

The national competition "The best packaging in Latvia 2023" organized annually by the Latvian Packaging Association has come to an end. We are wery proud that Balticovo's packaging for the product "Free-range eggs" received 1st place in the category of primary packaging.

The national competition for the best packaging has been held in Latvia since 1996. Traditionally, the competition takes place in several stages, in which works are evaluated by both consumers and industry professionals. In September, the visitors of the international exhibition "Riga Food" voted, and in October and November - Internet users, expert jury, supporters of the competition. The jury evaluated the works according to the criteria of the Regulations: construction, form, design, functionality, overall impression, implementation, etc.

About the packaging.

 "Balticovo free-range chicken eggs" is a product containing 10 eggs of different sizes laid by chickens in free-range conditions. The laying hens that lay these eggs are free to move around the house and have the option to stay outside. The code printed on eggs from free-range chickens starts with the number 1. The product is available on store shelves from June 2023.

Shades of green color are used for the design and packaging in order to convey the message of a natural product to the consumer with the packaging and also to reflect the style of free nature and countryside, chickens walking in the open air.

Free-range eggs' FSC®-certified molded fiber packaging is made from recycled paper and is carbon neutral. The packaging itself can be recycled and reused. The material is environmentally friendly. Considering that eggs are often stored in refrigerators or cold chambers in stores and at home, where a little moisture can form on surfaces and products due to temperature fluctuations, the packaging has an excellent property - it absorbs a certain amount of moisture and the product content remains dry, which is especially important for eggs. At the same time, the packaging is quite durable and shock-absorbing to keep the packaged fragile product, in this case the egg, intact.