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World Egg Day was celebrated in Latvia on an unprecedented scope.

Latvian national poultry exhibition and World Egg Day’s travelling street food restaurant


World Egg Day was celebrated in Latvia on an unprecedented scope this year. Every year on the second Friday of October, World Egg Day is celebrated all over the world to emphasize the brilliant versatility of the egg and its benefits to people at every stage of their life. To mark the 25th anniversary of the World Egg Day, JSC Balticovo organized different activities for residents and guests of Riga and Iecava to celebrate the festival on an unprecedented scale. 


This year JSC Balticovo once again urged residents and guests of Riga and Iecava to celebrate the nature’s small powerhouse – egg – with a special programme. On Saturday, October 9 almost 30 different poultry breeds showcased their beauty and sang songs for passers-by in the centre of Riga. On the other hand, the travelling Čarlstons street food restaurant was offering delicious fresh egg meals to residents and guests of Riga and Iecava.

The travelling breakfast restaurant visited seven places. On October 8, the restaurant was operating in Riga at VEF Culture Centre, the University of Latvia’s Academic Centre, Mūkusala Business Centre, on Kaļķu Street and at Āgenskalns Market. On the morning of October 9, the breakfast restaurant travelled to Iecava, while by noon it was filling Riga’s Esplanade Park with a fabulous smell. In total, the breakfast van served more than 1,000 people over two days.

“I am pleased that we are continuing a tradition and this year, too, we organized the World Egg Day on a grand scale. We served delicious and fresh egg meals to people and organized an exhibition of gorgeous laying hens and eggs for adults and children. I would like to express our special thanks to the Latvian Small Animal Breeders’ Association, which helped us take these beautiful birds to Riga and provide them with comfortable conditions,” comments Balticovo Communication and Development Director Toms Auškāps.

The exhibition of laying hens and eggs in Esplanade Park was organized in cooperation with the Latvian Small Animal Breeders’ Association Trusis un Citi, featuring more than 20 different breeds of poultry and their eggs, including dwarf chickens, which are considered Latvia’s national treasure. This is one of the oldest Latvian breeds that almost went extinct during the past 80 years. At present breeders and enthusiasts are actively working on restoring this breed. In addition, visitors were able to see Couronian goose, another treasured Latvian poultry breed.

About World Egg Day:

The World Egg Day tradition started out in Vienna in 1996, when a decision was made to celebrate the power of the egg on the second Friday of October every year. Since then, egg fans across the world have invented creative ways to honour this unbelievable nutrient powerhouse, celebrating egg music festivals, setting new world records and organizing egg peeling and cooking competitions.