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“EVA” product line to be produced from cage-free eggs

In recent years people have been giving more and more thought to their diet, as well as animal welfare, therefore from now on the “EVA” product line will be produced from cage-free eggs, thus focusing more on chicken welfare and well-being. Another important aspect of quality is the line’s packaging — Plant-Based TetraPak, which is fully recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. The packaging is manufactured using paper sourced from FSC certified (sustainably managed) forests and sugarcane-based plastic.

Toms Auškāps, Director of Communications and Development of Balticovo, reveals: “People are increasingly seeking environmentally sustainable services and products in their daily lives. With the introduction of the “EVA” product line, we reiterated our commitment to responsible production practices by choosing an environmentally friendly packaging that also ensures excellent storage of the product, and now we are ready to take the next step with the decision that from now on this product line will be produced using cage-free eggs. We are pleased that Balticovo’s efforts are being noticed and appreciated — in the 2020 Sustainability Index published last week we have been placed in the silver category. We are committed to continuing what we have started and will continue to introduce various best practices to promote sustainable production. This year we also plan to increase cage-free (barn-laid and free-range) egg production, and open a free-range chicken holding in Jelgava. In turn, in August we will open our second cage-free chicken holding in Iecava with housing capacity for 130,000 birds.”

The “EVA” product line is a healthy and quick solution for active and busy people who are looking for nutritious food without having to spend too much time preparing it. The egg product line includes a liquid pancake mix, scrambled eggs and egg whites, as well as free-range chicken eggs. A series of “EVA” protein drinks with various flavours is also planned to be released soon. The “EVA” pancake mix is suitable for people with lactose and gluten intolerance as it is made with coconut oil and rice flour, and contains less calories as compared to dry pancake mix. The scrambled egg mix already has all the spices added and is ready to cook, while the egg whites are available in a convenient, small package, they can be whisked right away and are especially adapted for baking needs. The “EVA” free-range eggs gained first prize in their product category as the New Product of the Year 2019. The winners were chosen through an analysis of nation-wide retail sales indicators and consumer opinions as performed by international marketing and consumer research company Nielsen.