Thin pancake dough EVA

1 kg/l

Dairy free
Gluten free
Barn eggs

Just pour it into the pan! 

Making pancakes has now become even more convenient, as EVA offers a ready-made thin pancake dough, from which you can make 10-13 medium-sized delicious pancakes, that can be enjoyed with both sweet and salty additives. The dough contains rice flour and does not contain gluten, lactose or dairy products.

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Egg whites EVA

500 g/ml

High protein
14 egg whites
Barn eggs

Ready to foam!

Separating egg whites from yolks with your hands is now a thing of the past. This EVA product consists of 14 egg whites and can be used not only for confectionery needs, but also for making protein omelettes, scrambled eggs and other healthy dishes! Egg white is a great source of protein, and it does not contain fat.

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