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Author of the article ZANE TIMPARE, certified Nutrition Specialist and Nutrition Journalist: “FOOD AS MEDICINE”

Eat eggs together with fibre

Egg dishes taste excellent together with vegetables, rye bread or other breads that are rich in fibre; eggs are a good addition to various salads. These are great allies of eggs, not only due to their taste, but also their health benefits.

Both vegetables and whole grain products (rye bread, seed and fibre-rich bread, barley products) contain fibre. But a high-fibre diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and also lower blood pressure and low-density or “bad” cholesterol levels.¹Therefore, if someone enjoys the taste of eggs very much, but refrains from eating them due to the fear of their cholesterol levels increasing, a fibre-rich diet and deliciously prepared eggs will be a good solution. In addition to the above mentioned, various nuts are also a good source of fibre and a good regulator of the low-density or “bad” cholesterol levels.²

In addition, it should be remembered that many recent studies do not support the suspicion that cholesterol consumed with eggs is responsible for the development of cardiovascular diseases.³The anxious gazes of the scientists and doctors are now much more focused on high levels of saturated fat and trans fats in the nutrition, but eggs do not contain either of these (saturated fat – in very little amounts).

Scientists are also increasingly pointing out the fact that the prevention of chronic diseases (including cardiovascular diseases) is determined by the lifestyle in general – especially physical activities, refraining from smoking and the use of alcohol, and not by the consumption of a specific product.

Here are three simple things to keep in mind, when it comes to health: less salt, less added sugar and less saturated fat. Eggs do not fit into any of the mentioned groups, thus they can certainly be enjoyed, of course, with moderation and thoughtfulness, the same as with everything else in life.

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